FFC Services Mission Statement:

We are committed to providing the aviation industry with excellence in quality products and responsive services by delivering unparalleled value to our customers. We will achieve this commitment through loyalty, trust and communication with our customers and our greatest resource – OUR PEOPLE

Commercial, Corporate, and Private Aircraft

FFC Services, Inc. is the only full service aviation support specialists to offer comprehensive fuel system management.

FFC Services, Inc. is the worldwide leader in providing full service fuel systems maintenance. We have built our business on providing the aviation industry the finest in prompt personal service and quality products job after job. We provide unmatched worldwide customer support, with FFCS teams strategically domiciled through out the United States. FFC Services’ FAA Repair Station No. N2RR559Y specializes in the following services:

  • Fuel Leak Detection and Repair
  • De-sealing and Re-sealing Integral Tanks
  • Fuel System Component Replacement
  • Line Maintenance Support
  • Aircraft Wash Programs
  • Fuel Quantity Calibration
  • Fuel Migration Detection
  • Sheet Metal Repairs
  • Heavy Maintenance Support
  • Removal and Installation of Fuel Bladders in Private Aircraft

FFC Services supports our customers with a 24/7/365 manned Operations Control Center that clearly communicates customer expectations and dispatches over 150 repairmen and technicians. The FFCS OCC manages all aircraft in work worldwide and maintains real-time workflow status that is available via customer login. FFCS consistently works over 1,200 aircraft per year providing the industry with the most experienced fuel systems teams in the world.

  • FAA Certified Repair Station N2RR559Y
  • Designated Airworthiness Representative (DAR)
  • Designated Engineering Representative (DER)
  • FAA Certified Repairmen and A & P Mechanics
  • AS9110 (ISO 9100)

FAA Ratings and Designees

Commercial Aircraft

  • FFC Services supports the majority of the us commercial airlines
  • FFC Services has a trained staff for military aircraft
  • FFC Services has an operations control center dedicated to support customers 24/7 365 days a year
  • FFC Services crews are trained in all aspects of fuel system repairs
    • Fuel quantity troubleshooting and repair
    • Fuel leak detection and repair
    • Structural inspections and repair
    • Fuel migration troubleshooting and repair
    • Microbial growth inspection and removal
    • Fuel system component replacement
  • FFC Services has crews strategically located to expedite crew travel

Aircraft Wash Programs

  • FFC Services offers a variety of wash programs
  • FFC Services’s Wash Programs are tailored to each individual customer

Corporate / Private Aircraft

  • FFC Services offers troubleshooting, removal and replacement of private aircraft fuel cells
  • New!!! FFC Services offers bladder removal and replacement. FFC Services now has hangar space available in the Memphis Area.
  • FFC Services will travel to the aircraft location for fuel system maintenance

Maintenance Support

  • Line maintenance support
  • FFC Services has permanent crews located in DFW, IND, MEM, ONT, SAT, SDF, SYR, and offers a 2-hour response time in these locations
  • All of FFC Services crew chiefs and technicians are based near the major airports to expedite travel for AOG repairs
  • FFC Services has an internally manned operations control center located in Memphis, TN to assist our crews with travel arrangements, technical assistance with trouble shooting and real time customer support


  • FFC Services backs all maintenance with a worry-free warranty
  • FFC Services offers maintenance to MRO’s across the United States
  • FFC Services offers assistance to aircraft tear down facilities to salvage serviceable parts
  • FFC Services offers aircraft reliability program writing assistance with aircraft fleet campaigns
  • FFC Services can assist with compliance of service bulletins as well as AD’s

Fuel Leak Detection and Repair

  • FFC Services offers a variety of troubleshooting techniques
  • FFC Services has 115+ years experience which gives us the capability to troubleshoot and repair fuel leaks with minimum complications
  • Troubleshooting techniques meet all customer and AMM/SRM requirements
  • FFC Services has a 99.6% success rate on fuel leak repair